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SwimRun came to Russia, and Russia became a part of SwimRun!

In August 2015 the first SwimRun Lake-to-Lake competition in Russia has taken place in the Leningrad region and has proven to be a great success.

In September of the same year, for the first time in history of the SwimRun World Championship, teams from Russia and Belarus have finished ÖtillÖ in Sweden.
Competition in St-Petersburg region will repeat itself in 2016!

Do you swim well? Do you like trail-running? When confronted with a lake, do you want to swim across, instead of running around it? Welcome to SwimRun!

SwimRun is a sequence of running and swimming sections. SwimRun is a race without comfortable transit zones. SwimRun means a lot of kilometers trail-running in wet shoes and wetsuits. SwimRun is open-water swimming in shoes. SwimRun isn't just a physical challenge. SwimRun is an emotional challenge. You absolutely have to be ready to finish this one.
Are you ready to check yourself? Are you prepared to compete? We’ll be waiting for you at the Swim&Run Lake-to-Lake 2016, which will take place on the 31th of July in the St-Petersburg region.


SwimRun 37.
Distance ~ 37 km: running ~ 32 km, swimming ~ 4-5 km, ~ 15-17 sections;

SwimRun 23.
Distance ~ 23 км: running ~ 19 km, swimming 3-4 km, ~ 10-12 sections;

SwimRun Fun.
Distance ~ 11 км: running ~ 10,5 km, swimming ~ 500m, 4-5 sections.


SwimRun 37
Teams: 2 persons. 
Сlasses: Men, Women, Mixed. 
Limit - 50 teams

SwimRun 23 
Teams: 2 persons
Сlasses: Men, Women, Mixed. 
Limit - 70 teams

SwimRun Fun 
Сlasses: Men, Women
Limit - 60 partisipants

Terrain, weather conditions:
Terrain is hilly, forest roads, trails and swamps.
Water temperature from 18 to 22 0C

Timing SFR. 

Age of participants – at least 18 years old
Participants have to be able to swim well.
The two members of each team have to stay together at all time and can not be more than 10 meters apart. 
Participants are allowed to use wetsuits, pull buoys, paddles, life jackets, mattresses, flippers, germ to transport items, etc. Everything you take with you at the start you will have to bring to the finish line by yourself, as a team.

Registration will be open 5/11/2015. 

The experience of organizing Swim&Run Lake-to-Lake 2015 and our participation in the SwimRun World Championships will help organizers to prepare an even more high-quality and interesting start in 2016! See you on the tracks of forest stadiums and outdoor pools!

Dmitriy Egorov, 
Marina Ivanova,


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