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Welcome to Lake-to-Lake SwimRun August 2th 2015
Welcome to Lake-to-Lake SwimRun August 2th 2015
Dear colleagues multisportsmen,

We offer you a new format of competition for Russia - Swim & Run! The name speaks for itself - "Swim and Run"! This kind of competitions has long been popular all over the world. However most venues for this rally has been located not in the warm waters and climatic conditions but around severe stone Scandinavian archipelagos and seas. These are the well-known O-Till-O or Norwegian RockMan SwimRun combining swimming in the open water and trail-running.

Participants of the adventure racing series Red Fox Adventure Races have already experienced this format to some extent.

Now you have the opportunity to challenge yourself with a race Lake-to-Lake SwimRun 2015 , which will be held August 2nd, 2015 near the village. Michurinskoe , Leningrad Oblast .
In 2016, we plan to complicate format. This will be the Island-to-Island SwimRun 2016 on the lake Vuoksa near Priozersk .

The Document: Press release Lake-to-Lake >>>>

Yegorov Dmitry
Race director

Egorova Natalia

korobeynikov Leonid
Competition area

Stroganov Ilya
Distances, judge

Designed by Pravenkaia: pravlen @ AdventureRaces.Ru
Pravenkaia Elena, organizer of SwimRun Lake-to-Lake 2015